We are all given this one precious life. One chance to live with purpose and with heart. It doesn't matter what you do as much as how you do it. That is the very mindset behind how With Heart was born.  

 In 2013, founder and creator, Courtney Schultz, suffered a postpartum cerebellar stroke. After making a miraculous recovery within just days of receiving this catastrophic news, she began the long process of doing a full renovation of her mind, body and spirit. First, reacquainting her weary spirit with God, her creator. Second, reassessing her calling and purpose as a wife, mom and entrepreneur. And third, healing her body.

Fast forward to 2019 when Courtney's journey of discovery and open-handedness led her to the calling to collect the various parts of this story and commemorate it through a cookbook for vascular health, titled With Heart. While the cookbook is not yet available for purchase, the anticipation has led to a complete collection that embodies the mindset of doing all things with heart which is where the products in this shop come into play! Her mission with each and every item? To make sure every message has a meaning.

Sprinkled throughout the collection you will find messages of faith, courage and intentionality. Every piece in this shop was designed, made and curated with great  care and in collaboration with outstanding artisans and small businesses. Our hope as designers and artists is that you find encouragement and truth through these handmade and custom designed items that will help love and hope to be boldly spread through beautiful and wearable pieces so you can easily infuse the with heart message into your everyday life. 

With a mission for wellness in every area of life, our hope is that this message brings you the encouragement to continue doing whatever it is you've been called into, and to do it with heart.